Abortion in Ireland & the UK

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Types of abortion

types of abortionThere are many types of abortion that relate to the various stages of pregnancy. There are abortificant pills, there is chemical abortions, and there is surgical abortions. Each subsequent stage carrier a greater degree of procedural risk than the former. Abortion information encompasses the procedures, the risks involved, post abortion care and after effects. Contact Abortion Advice.ie at 00353-86-359-1096 for more information on pregnancy termination. Abortion Advice are here to give you positive options and the best of help.

Don’t be Manipulated

Some agencies may not have your best interests at heart. If you feel that you are being sold a types of abortion with no concern for your health and safety and if your questions regarding abortion procedure and relevant risks are not being answered leave and go elsewhere. You deserve to be respected and to have all your queries regarding your health answered truthfully and fully.

types of abortionAbortion Advice.ie believes that all women facing a crisis pregnancy should have access to full information regarding their options. We offers services that will help you make an INFORMED decision about abortion or continuing your pregnancy. Advice is given respectfully and compassionately. We are here to give you positive options.