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Irish abortion cost too high?

It is not easy to assess the cost structure for an abortion in Ireland at present. But if the Irish Government’s plans to roll out pregnancy termination is fully realized, we can expect a higher than average medical fee. This will be particularly true if suicidal ideation comes into play. A woman in Ireland might […]

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BPAS want a referendum on abortion in Ireland?

Abortion advice.ie have discussed before, the state of play with regards abortion in Ireland. Abortion has only been enacted in early summer 2013, before the Irish parliamentary recess. The roll out for abortion in Ireland began in September when the Parliament’s suspension came to a close. The next stage of the roll out process is […]

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Abortion roll out in Ireland

  Regarding an abortion roll out for Ireland, what is the current situation? The Irish government have passed the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill. This legislation deals with medical procedures that closely reflect an abortion. The word abortion does not appear in the bill, but best describes the term medical procedure. Now that the […]

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