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French abortion law faces adjustments

At present the French government are creating waves, as there are moves to liberalize stringent abortion laws in France. The nation is divided on the issue, as the abortion changes are being packaged into a gender equality bill. It seems like a straight forward enough case… give women equality & parity of esteem. Nobody can […]

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Abortion law reform in Spain

While termination laws are set to be implemented in Ireland as of the beginning of the New Year 2014, Spain is implementing abortion law reform. This is part of the changing landscape on abortion worldwide, and the tactics are being refined with each battle. Spain’s Justice Minister Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, has put forward a bill named the […]

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Enda Kenny rules out fatal foetal abnormality inclusion

Enda Kenny has signaled no change to fatal foetal abnormality restrictions on grounds for an abortion. This was communicated to Irish politicians demanding revisions to the Protection of Life During Pregnancy bill. It comes as no real surprise with the local elections looming in 2014. Enda Kenny has asserted that abortion on demand is not a model […]

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Abortion proposal in Ulster parliament

The Stormont justice minister David Ford believes a pregnancy termination debate is needed. Ford’s abortion proposal is due for consultation around mid April 2014. His main concern is for mortal fetal abnormalities, rape and incest. Currently the UK 1967 abortion act does not cover the Ulster province. Ford is of the opinion that a consultation […]

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Ireland’s debate ahead? The abortion conscientious objector

This is not some prophetic voice, its more a reflective impulse upon reading news from Australia. ‘The Age’ is a newspaper based in Victoria, and the Australian parliament is discussing abortion reforms. There is a strong echo of Ireland in this debate, yet its not immediately obvious. The parliamentary debate centres on the abortion conscientious […]

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