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Abortion risks – how vulnerable are you?

Abortion advice.ie has today (Tuesday) learned that a pregnant woman in America has suffered a miscarriage through her boyfriend. 27 year old Remee Jo Lee was expecting a baby and had chosen to go ahead with her pregnancy. Her now former boyfriend John Welden however, did not share her dream. He used his position in […]

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Irish abortion cost too high?

It is not easy to assess the cost structure for an abortion in Ireland at present. But if the Irish Government’s plans to roll out pregnancy termination is fully realized, we can expect a higher than average medical fee. This will be particularly true if suicidal ideation comes into play. A woman in Ireland might […]

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Abortion logjam in Ireland

This will be one serious teething issue as the government continues to try make abortion in Ireland a reality. The latest abortion logjam involves real concerns by the Irish College of Psychiatrists. A near prohibition like order on engaging with review panels has been made to its members. These panels were established with the purpose […]

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Danielle’s tragic story calls for an Irish pregnancy termination re-think

A religious affairs programme on the Irish media network RTE presented Ireland’s Danielle on her own pregnancy termination. The weekly TV series gave Danielle her chance to give a frank testimony on her life as a teenager in Dublin many years ago. Danielle was a nonconformist teenage girl, and she attended a concert with her […]

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Ireland’s debate ahead? The abortion conscientious objector

This is not some prophetic voice, its more a reflective impulse upon reading news from Australia. ‘The Age’ is a newspaper based in Victoria, and the Australian parliament is discussing abortion reforms. There is a strong echo of Ireland in this debate, yet its not immediately obvious. The parliamentary debate centres on the abortion conscientious […]

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The changing landscape on abortion worldwide

Abortion worldwide is undergoing change. In some parts of the globe, laws are becoming more stringent. Abortion Advice.ie has noticed that the USA and Russia have recently hit the news headlines. They are introducing restrictive abortion measures in this health care industry. Abortion in England was introduced in 1967, followed by the USA in 1973. […]

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Abnormal fetal development and abortion

The recent misadventure by the Irish government has let everyone down in the recent abortion bill. What appeared to be a courageous political push to legislate for abortion in Ireland, has only annoyed both pro choice and pro life camps. The government certainly did make every effort to bring abortion into Ireland. But the Protection […]

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Fetal abnormalities restricted in Irish abortion bill

The Protection of Life during Pregnancy Act was recently enacted. Although this bill has heralded abortion into Ireland, some think it is too restrictive. Journalist Kitty Holland is a household name for abortion advocates in Ireland as a result of her story on Savita Halappanavar. This Irish Times article jettisoned legislation for abortion in Ireland. […]

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Abortion in Ireland has been enacted through Act 1861 repeal

Abortion in Ireland has now been made possible through the repeal of sections 58 & 59 of the Offences Against the Persons Act 1861. The repealed sections of the Act, do away with the criminality of abortion in Ireland. This Act was originally enacted during the days of English rule in Ireland. It took effect […]

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What areas do the recent Irish abortion bill impinge on

When it comes to reading the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill, you must consider familiarizing the word definitions employed. Abortion Advice.ie have read this bill and found that the word abortion does not appear. ‘Medical procedure’ is used instead, but does not specifically define the term abortion. It is a bit vague, but the […]

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