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Enda Kenny rules out fatal foetal abnormality inclusion

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The Prime Minister of Ireland has ruled out fatal feotal abnormality as a grounds for an abortion in Ireland

Enda Kenny has signaled no change to fatal foetal abnormality restrictions on grounds for an abortion. This was communicated to Irish politicians demanding revisions to the Protection of Life During Pregnancy bill. It comes as no real surprise with the local elections looming in 2014. Enda Kenny has asserted that abortion on demand is not a model for Ireland. The Irish prime minister introduced regulation and restriction in accordance with a Supreme Court judgement on the X case. Fatal foetal abnormality was not part of that judgement, and was not included in the recent Irish abortion bill.

The push for fatal foetal abnormality inclusion for abortion

Despite the prime minister’s stance, there is growing pressure on Ireland to cater for fatal foetal abnormality.There are even consultations expected soon on Abortion reforms in Ulster. A separate clarification call comes from the UN on Ireland’s Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill. Under normal circumstances, the Irish government would debate this. But politics is an uncertain business. A referendum call on abortion from the Nation Women’s Council of Ireland has been requested. There has also been hints of a referendum call by the BPAS (The British Pregnancy Advisory Service).This means that nationally & internationally, Enda Kenny’s wisdom is being questioned.

Fatal foetal abnormality care

Some groups against abortion believe that there could be more emphasis on fatal foetal abnormality care. They feel this may alleviate stress women face with certain pregnancy failure. Such groups also think it may help women cope with inevitable infant mortality soon after giving birth. It remains to be seen if such a measure is to be considered for debate. Fatal foetal abnormality care is a relatively new concept, resulting from increased maternal awareness on fetal development. It is not likely that Enda Kenny will consider this option at present. As far as Mr. Kenny is concerned, fatal foetal abnormality is off the Irish government’s agenda. Visit Abortion Advice.ie for information on terminations today.

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