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Irish abortion cost too high?

Irish abortion cost

Behind the veil, what is the Irish abortion cost structure going to resemble?

It is not easy to assess the cost structure for an abortion in Ireland at present. But if the Irish Government’s plans to roll out pregnancy termination is fully realized, we can expect a higher than average medical fee. This will be particularly true if suicidal ideation comes into play. A woman in Ireland might claim the need for an abortion on mental health grounds. If she is denied access to an abortion, then she has recourse to a review panel for reconsideration. The review panel will be made up of a team of medics. The Irish health board might end up paying top dollar for consultant fees.

Irish abortion cost breakdown

The Irish government are set to grant €120 per hour per private consultant in fees for abortion regarding suicide ideation assessments. The public hospital doctors will not be given the same financial package, which may be a source of public expenditure comfort. The UK gives us some idea of projected cost break down for a straightforward pregnancy termination processes. For a pregnancy test, it costs £5. For a one to one consultation over the phone or face to face, it costs £82. A medical abortion costs £464, while a surgical abortion costs between £562 and £2000 depending on gestation stage. The later the pregnancy, the higher the costs for termination. An Irish abortion cost price structure might then be higher.

There is more financial figures to come

As the UK have a gestation limit of 24 weeks, we cannot forecast any late term abortion rates based in Britain. It is possible that an Irish abortion cost plan will continue to climb for late term pregnancy terminations. But there maybe exceptions. In some countries, late term abortions may be sponsored by medical business interests. This is an ethically questionable venture. Abortion Advice.ie definitely do not consider this option for any crisis pregnant woman. Any late term abortion costs in Ireland will probably be absorbed by the Irish tax payer and health insurance providers. If not, its hard to see this health service become a reality.

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