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Danielle’s tragic story calls for an Irish pregnancy termination re-think

a botched pregnancy termination in England caught Danielle off guard in the airport.

Danielle spoke frankly about her pregnancy termination ordeal in England, and how she now believes that there should be abortion in Ireland.

A religious affairs programme on the Irish media network RTE presented Ireland’s Danielle on her own pregnancy termination. The weekly TV series gave Danielle her chance to give a frank testimony on her life as a teenager in Dublin many years ago. Danielle was a nonconformist teenage girl, and she attended a concert with her then boyfriend. They were both sexually active and took responsible precautions. The night of the concert the contraceptive method failed, and both partners became aware of this. The next day, Danielle procured a morning after pill, to overcome the initial failure. This too was unsuccessful, and abortion information became the next logical option.

The abortion dilemma in England

Abortion Advice.ie comes accross many situations like Danielle. The story is fairly familiar, and what happens on the emotional level is that panic sets in. Danielle went to England with her boyfriend, and opted for a surgical abortion procedure. She wanted to get back to Ireland as soon as possible. Danielle received some injections, and a pregnancy termination was then performed. Afterwards Danielle was allowed leave the clinic to head home to Ireland. At the airport she felt cramps in her stomach and began to experience labour pains. Her abortion was not fully complete, and an ambulance was called to the airport.

The outcome for Danielle

Thankfully the medical intervention at a hospital in England prevented any serious consequences from the pregnancy termination. But had Danielle got on her plane, things may have been very different. Danielle now feels that there should be services on abortion in Ireland. There is strong logic to this argument, and her story calls for an Irish rethink. But there is another underlying message. Many women who find themselves pregnant rush into a panic. This anxiety can betray their very lives. Abortion Advice.ie believe that a more restrained reaction can be beneficial in times of distress.

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