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The changing landscape on abortion worldwide

abortion worldwide is undergoing restrictions

Vladimir Putin passes laws to help reduce terminations of pregnancies in Russia

Abortion worldwide is undergoing change. In some parts of the globe, laws are becoming more stringent. Abortion Advice.ie has noticed that the USA and Russia have recently hit the news headlines. They are introducing restrictive abortion measures in this health care industry. Abortion in England was introduced in 1967, followed by the USA in 1973. There was a multiplier effect thereafter worldwide. Ireland lagged behind, enacting a law for abortion in 2013. This came about following the Maternal death of Savita. Ireland was considered a last bastion against pregnancy termination procedures. The Irish  enactment comes so far behind the rest of the world, that global cultural dynamics have radically changed.

Abortion in Russia and the USA

President Vladimir Putin is putting a ban on abortion advertising in Russia. Legislation signed also removes abortion from health care insurance provisions. The reason he puts forward is a serious decline in Russia’s population. In 2011, almost 2 out of every 5 pregnancies ended with termination in the old soviet state. This means abortion is seen as very high, and Putin would like to address this. The president has made this a hallmark policy of his reign in power. Meanwhile in the USA, many states have introduced a more restrictive law against third trimester abortions. Arkansas, Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota passed 20-week bans. Texas has motioned for restrictions, adding to the restrictive abortion worldwide phenomena.

The Irish abortion situation

Despite the recent Protection of Life during Pregnancy Bill, abortion in Ireland is yet to be rolled out. There are referendum calls for fetal abnormality inclusions, as well other measures. The Irish abortion bill’s legal status has not been tested in court for constitutionality. This leaves the health care industry in Ireland vulnerable to capital investment losses. The political mood is one of apprehension as the government enters the 2nd half of their term. Overall, in global terms, abortion services are under threat. Everything seems in flux at present, as abortion worldwide changes. For Advice on Abortion in Ireland, visit our website.

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