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Argentine abortion law reforms

Argentine abortion law

A rape crisis in Latin America has spurred on Argentine abortion law reform

Abortion in Argentina is fairly restrictive, with only one of two criteria’s enabling a pregnancy termination there. The criteria being either a serious risk to a woman’s physical health, or rape. This makes Argentine abortion law almost as restrictive as Ireland’s heretofore pregnancy termination ban. A similar crisis has lead to a supreme court ruling on abortion in both countries, with regards a rape of a 14 year old girl. Ireland had her x case, whereby a 14 year old girl was raped by a neighbour. In Argentina, a 14 year old girl was raped by her step father, resulting in what Abortion Advice.ie calls, Argentina’s x case ruling.

Argentina’s landmark abortion ruling

Argentina’s x case is not an exact match on Ireland, but the court ruling there is a landmark decision. It over turns an earlier court ruling against abortion for the rape victim. Hitherto now, the young girl was expected to carry her pregnancy to full term and give the child up for adoption. A pregnancy termination procedure request was originally overruled. Argentine abortion law is undergoing much revision of late. It is no longer considered a punishable crime to have an abortion. It is also no longer necessary by law to seek court approval. But strangely in Argentina’s x case, this seems to be what was sought.

Argentina and Ireland are both now less restrictive on abortion

While countries like Spain, Russia and the USA are clamping down on abortions, Ireland and Argentina are doing the apposite. That said, Ireland is poised to become infinitely more accessible for abortion than Argentina. Ireland’s protection of life during pregnancy bill holds no gestation limits for a termination. It also includes suicidal ideation as grounds for an abortion. The only restrictions remaining are fetal abnormalities, and rape. No doubt the Argentine abortion law will be hitting the headlines again with the changing landscape on abortion.

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