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Abortion logjam in Ireland

This will be one serious teething issue as the government continues to try make abortion in Ireland a reality. The latest abortion logjam involves real concerns by the Irish College of Psychiatrists. A near prohibition like order on engaging with review panels has been made to its members. These panels were established with the purpose […]

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Danielle’s tragic story calls for an Irish pregnancy termination re-think

A religious affairs programme on the Irish media network RTE presented Ireland’s Danielle on her own pregnancy termination. The weekly TV series gave Danielle her chance to give a frank testimony on her life as a teenager in Dublin many years ago. Danielle was a nonconformist teenage girl, and she attended a concert with her […]

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Abortion proposal in Ulster parliament

The Stormont justice minister David Ford believes a pregnancy termination debate is needed. Ford’s abortion proposal is due for consultation around mid April 2014. His main concern is for mortal fetal abnormalities, rape and incest. Currently the UK 1967 abortion act does not cover the Ulster province. Ford is of the opinion that a consultation […]

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Abortion in Ireland has been enacted through Act 1861 repeal

Abortion in Ireland has now been made possible through the repeal of sections 58 & 59 of the Offences Against the Persons Act 1861. The repealed sections of the Act, do away with the criminality of abortion in Ireland. This Act was originally enacted during the days of English rule in Ireland. It took effect […]

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Appropriate Institutions / abortion clinics for an Abortion in Ireland

The word abortion does not appear in the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill. But it does closely resemble the term ‘medical procedure’ that is employed in its place. So from this premise, there are 25 considered appropriate institutions for an abortion in Ireland. Almost 4000 women traveled to UK from Ireland to abortion clinics […]

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Is abortion in Ireland solely open to Irish residency?

Abortion in Ireland has only been recently enacted. Details are not widely known of the full contents of the enacted legislation. There are certain safeguards contained in the Protection of Life During Pregnancy bill. These safeguards relate to what constitutes a necessity to perform an abortive procedure. Abortion as a term does not appear in […]

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Is abortion in Ireland legal yet? Abortion Advice investigates

The present Irish government have legislated for abortion in Ireland. The Irish president (Michael Higgins) has signed this Protection of Life During Pregnancy legislation into law. Mr. Higgins has done so without referral to the Irish Supreme Court. This leaves the legislation open to a possible challenge if abortion in Ireland is considered unconstitutional. Abortion […]

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Abortion Advice for when you need it

Abortion Advice are here to give women in Ireland non judgmental support in their crisis pregnancy. We believe that it is every woman’s right to have all the necessary help and information to make their informed choice. Abortion Advice are here to assist women to come to an informed decision regarding their pregnancy, allowing them […]

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