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Danielle’s tragic story calls for an Irish pregnancy termination re-think

A religious affairs programme on the Irish media network RTE presented Ireland’s Danielle on her own pregnancy termination. The weekly TV series gave Danielle her chance to give a frank testimony on her life as a teenager in Dublin many years ago. Danielle was a nonconformist teenage girl, and she attended a concert with her […]

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Is abortion in Ireland legal yet? Abortion Advice investigates

The present Irish government have legislated for abortion in Ireland. The Irish president (Michael Higgins) has signed this Protection of Life During Pregnancy legislation into law. Mr. Higgins has done so without referral to the Irish Supreme Court. This leaves the legislation open to a possible challenge if abortion in Ireland is considered unconstitutional. Abortion […]

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Abortion Advice – things to consider

When it comes to abortion advice, we are here to give the most thorough of support. Most women who consider abortion often overlook the various abortive procedures available to them. They are often too panic stricken to investigate the various abortive measures that are used to bring about a swift end to their pregnancy. To […]

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Abortion Advice for when you need it

Abortion Advice are here to give women in Ireland non judgmental support in their crisis pregnancy. We believe that it is every woman’s right to have all the necessary help and information to make their informed choice. Abortion Advice are here to assist women to come to an informed decision regarding their pregnancy, allowing them […]

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