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Abortion risks – how vulnerable are you?

abortion risks are particularly high when you are duped by your boyfriend

Ramee Jo Lee was exposed to serious abortion risks by her former boyfriend who was determined to end her pregnancy.

Abortion advice.ie has today (Tuesday) learned that a pregnant woman in America has suffered a miscarriage through her boyfriend. 27 year old Remee Jo Lee was expecting a baby and had chosen to go ahead with her pregnancy. Her now former boyfriend John Welden however, did not share her dream. He used his position in a family fertility clinic to procure & tamper with abortifacient, to pass onto his girlfriend as antibiotics. This story shows just how vulnerable women can be in relationships to abortion risks. John Welden has owned up to the sinister plot, but only after the death of Ramee Jo Lee’s baby.

What motivated John Weldon to slip an abortifacient?

John Welden wanted the best of both worlds & more. He was already in a long term relationship with another woman before he met Remee Jo Lee according to reports. He concealed this to his new girlfriend, and then panicked when Ramee became pregnant. He was in dread that his long term girlfriend would find out. He never considered the abortion risks, and concocted what he believed where well laid plans. Using his father’s medical practice, he obtained through forgery abortifacients, to bring about a resultant abortion procedure. His unsuspecting pregnant girlfriend never knew that she was taking abortion risks destined to end her dream.

The sinister plot unravels

John Weldon was obviously too panick stricken by his own self made dilemma to see that his motives were sinister, and his plot was sure to be found out. Remee found herself suffering from severe cramps around 7 weeks into her pregnancy, and went straight to a hospital. It was there, a doctor told her that she had lost her baby due to self induced abortion methods. This was a serious situation, and Ramee went to the police to report what had happened. When Ramee later confronted John, the conversation was secretly recorded. his confessions led to John’s arrest, and ultimately to his 14 year prison sentence. Ramee has to live with this betrayal and her loss. No doubt she will need a lot of post abortion care.

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