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Irish protesters demand abortion rights in Spain

Abortion rights in Spain under review

Abortion rights in Spain are under review, much to the disquiet of many pro-choice groups across Europe.

The Spanish government have really shaken up a stir with their plans to restrict abortion rights in Spain. It is causing protests in Madrid, amid international calls to respect women’s abortion rights. An Irish pro choice group is adding their weight by protesting outside a Spanish embassy in Dublin. The pro choice group want to lobby for their Hispanic counterparts. The restriction of abortion rights in Spain make it almost as restrictive as current pregnancy termination laws in Ireland. Spaniards are now facing prospects of travelling to France for an abortion.

Why are there plans to restrict abortion rights in Spain?

Abortion Advice.ie understand that the Spanish government have a commitment to reform abortion in their party manifesto. They are implementing an electoral promise in order to fulfill this manifesto. But many politicians in Europe are stunned. They have denounced the Spanish government plans to restrict abortions rights in Spain. Justice Minister Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón could take a leaf from the Irish government. Promising your electorate is one thing, but delivering is another as Phil Hogan of Fine Gael could probably surmise himself. Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón however is sticking to restricting abortion rights in Spain

What other protests have taken place

Outside of Ireland, there has been a similar but larger embassy protests in Belgium. There is also the Parisian World March for Women in France, with planned protests in the capital. These concerted efforts are an attempt to stifle the changing landscape on abortion worldwide. In Lithuania, the government there are tabling abortion restrictions. But the Spanish government are in a strong position as Mariano Rajoy’s Popular Party has an absolute majority. The final outcome on abortion rights in Spain is not guaranteed. It is likely that Spanish embassies across the world will see more international protests.

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