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Abortion lessons in Ireland

abortion lessons need to be approached with sensitivity

Abortion lessons in Ireland raised a few eyebrows of late.

A recent news article on Abortion lessons in Ireland gave much criticism in approach to this topic at national school level. Children tend to soak up material without much investigation. They are prone to misplaced understanding, which makes abortion lessons all the more difficult. An external education agency giving a one sided view in school, will result in polemical backlash by alternative groups. Very often the abortion lessons message can become obscured. Words like may become will, and unlikely becomes never. This is what makes use of language terms so important. Abortion Advice.ie assesses the situation…

What was reported about these abortion lessons

The news report was very critical of the scare tactic approach taken by an outside education agency. The agency’s abortion lessons seemed designed to engineer children clear of pregnancy terminations. The journalist reports the sex ed tone with the opening three sentences:

“A rape victim can’t become pregnant. Abortion damages a woman’s internal organs. Abortion destroys a woman’s mental health”.1

1 Peter McGuire, Irish Times, A lesson in abortion, 4 February 2014, http://www.irishtimes.com/news/education/a-lesson-in-abortion

Abortion Advice.ie do not condone this sex ed approach with school children. Its too negative, a bit misleading and a touch imperative. The use of semantics could be greatly improved upon. The choice of language employed can be all it takes.

What kind of abortion lessons could be considered?

News reports are sometimes prone to sensationalism to sell papers. Editorial-ship is a difficult path to tread as papers may run risk of a tabloid label. The education agency may too feel misrepresented by the article. But even still choosing non imperative language is always a safer approach. Women do become pregnant from rape, but conception tends to be at a low rate. Some levels of abortion can run higher risks to internal organ damage, but it is not an absolute given. Post abortion symptoms may translate in personal regret. This regret might lead to possible mental health problems, but we have no agreed statistics to verify this.

Are abortion lessons necessary

The recent Guttmacher Institute report on induced abortion shows a continued decline in abortion in America. This might be due to effective abortion lessons encompassing sex education measures. It might also be a result in widespread availability of contraception. It may even possibly be the result of health regulation. If abortion lessons improve women’s lives, then Abortion Advice.ie are in favour. If abortion lessons take away a woman’s freedom & dignity, well we’d question the motives there.

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