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Abortion law reform in Spain

abortion law reform in spain

In Spain, the availability of pregnancy termination is being restricted. The abortion law reform is akin to a bull fight with only one winner.

While termination laws are set to be implemented in Ireland as of the beginning of the New Year 2014, Spain is implementing abortion law reform. This is part of the changing landscape on abortion worldwide, and the tactics are being refined with each battle. Spain’s Justice Minister Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, has put forward a bill named the Protection of Life Conceived and Rights of Pregnant Women. The proposed law has created uproar among the pro choice advocates who have taken to the streets. This termination legislation reflects Ireland’s Protection of life during Pregnancy Bill. What does the abortion law reform mean for women in Spain? Perhaps it will engender abortion tourism

Abortion tourism

Spain has for many decades become accustomed to easy access to pregnancy termination procedures. But the abortion law reform is set to restrict all this. Many advocates for equal rights feel that Spanish women will be forced to travel elsewhere for a pregnancy termination. This is currently the case for Irish women who have to travel to England, creating abortion tourism there. Danielle’s tragic termination story paints an all too common picture. Pro life groups in Spain no doubt welcome the restrictive measures, secured as part of a political party electoral manifesto. Justice Minister Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón has delivered on the party’s electoral promise. Their political manifesto on abortion law reform is secured.

What changes does the abortion law reform bring about?

The Protection of Life Conceived and Rights of Pregnant Women bill is designed to put more focus on the life of the unborn. Spanish women may seek an abortion if there is grave risk to their physical or mental well being up to 22 weeks of gestation. They can also seek a pregnancy termination from rape through to 12 weeks of gestation. Like Ireland’s Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill, there are safeguards included. The safety measures entail seeking abortion advice from a number of recognized medical professionals. All in all, the measures in the Spanish abortion law reform bill will make it harder to obtain a pregnancy termination.

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